I think I’ve reached…

I think I've reached that stage where I feel so overwhelmed by everything I have to do that I don't do anything. I spent most of yesterday playing Sims, though I did read Diana Wynne Jones's The Ogre Downstairs (slightly disturbing, to be honest, though satisfying in the end. I think.) and also watched Y Tu Mama Tambien, which was quite good. The latter also had lots of naked teenagers, energetically having sex. Funny.

So far this morning, I've cleaned up some -- some more to do. Then I need to settle down and actually finish the second draft of Classics. And send it out, though I have little hope that any of y'all will have time to look at it in time to be of use to me, since that'd basically mean you'd need to read it today. Sigh. Such is life. Duncan should get back to me tomorrow with the edits, and then I dive into the quick third draft revisions, finishing on Friday -- which, incidentally, is when Mirna (middle sister) arrives for a week and a half's visit. She has three job interviews (at hospitals -- she's going to be a doctor very soon, astonishing!) in Chicago, so I get to have her company, much fun. She's going to see Chicago at its worst, though -- it's already quite cold, and it's supposed to be brutally cold by the end of this week. Oh well.

After finishing Classics, I need to organize my Tiptree reading. We're getting to the decision stage; we're supposed to be putting together lists of which pieces we think are worth fighting for, and then reading each others' lists, preparatory to the actual fighting. Arguing. Discussion. Right, we're just going to calmly and politely discuss this. (There are some strong-willed folks on this jury...) Once it's organized (which involves going through a bunch of back e-mails, etc.), then I get to just sit down and read for a while. Which will be good.

If I don't panic, everything will get done on time. I'm sure.

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