For those following the…

For those following the Adventures of Shmuel, a quick update -- he swung by here at 1 p.m. for a flying visit. We stopped at Artopolis and had tea and a quick catch-up, then swung by my car to pick up a case full of CD's, because the poor lad didn't have nearly enough music to last for a month. Then I loaned him a few more Amber books and the fifth Duane Young Wizards book, and he was off again, catching a cab in good time to take him to Amtrak, where he'll start the long journey west to San Francisco. He appears somewhat unclear on what he'll be doing while out there -- Jed, he seemed particularly unsure if y'all were getting together or not. Just so you know. But he seems in generally good spirits overall, and it was nice to see him again.

Todd's over now, watching football with Kevin. I spent most of the morning cleaning and puttering, and now I really have no excuse not to settle down to work. No, really.

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