Haven’t felt in the mood…

Haven't felt in the mood to journal today. But briefly -- spent most of the day working diligently on book. Finished b and c, which included writing new section at rave-like party. Also almost all of e. Tomorrow, revise d, which shouldn't take long, and then actually write a, which I didn't do last time. The hope is to get everything done by tomorrow, so that on Friday, I can go through and check the whole thing for tone before I send it off to Duncan and the guy at Penguin.

Just came back from a dance class, slow beginner ballet. I've never taken a ballet class before -- fun! Especially since I wasn't the plumpest person in the room -- there were a couple other normal people, plus one absolutely huge guy who was also quite graceful and light on his toes. So happy to have him there. I was scared the room would be full of tiny fifteen-year-old waifs with all their bones sticking out. Luckily, everyone looked like they were at least twenty, and some quite a bit older. :-) And there weren't *too* many bones visible.

Going to go collapse in front of the tv now and watch Enterprise. But first, a little present for y'all, that I should have put up here a long time ago -- the prequel to "The Poet and the Mathematician" -- "The Poet's Journey."

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