Argh. I am failing at…

Argh. I am failing at the diet thing. Instead of losing weight, I am gaining weight -- up half a pound since I started on Friday. I suspect this might be because I've been cheating wildly. For example, the brunch I cooked Saturday, with the quiche and the custard-y stuff, was not diet food. And the curry I made Sunday had coconut milk in it. Light coconut milk, but still. And I ate like six slices of bread with it, instead of a half cup of rice. And yesterday, at Borders, I added a quarter of Roshani's sandwich (heavy with pesto and cheese) and two shortbread cookies to my regular food for the day. Plus two ginger-lemon cream cookies after dinner. As long as I keep adding these fat/sugar-laden items, I don't think it qualifies as a diet at all. Today, I'm staying home. I'm going to to do better. Tea. Yogurt. Rice and curry. Luckily, we're out of bread again. That makes it easier. I have no willpower where bread is concerned.

I do know that for this to work, I have to be hungry for a few days. And that I have plenty of stored fat to get me over that hump, and that my body will thank me for it later. But my body doesn't seem to know that at the moment -- it isn't so bright. It wants complex carbohydrates, dangit. I'm going to refuse to indulge it, though. Sometimes you have to be firm.

On the other hand, I'm succeeding at revising. One-third is done, and with four days left, I'm exactly on track for finishing on time. I'm hoping to actually get a little ahead today; we'll see. Finished storyline b-1, I think pretty satisfactorily. Now I have to go do b-2, plus any tiny branches off that. That's the main task for today, though it'd be nice if I got started on storyline c as well. We'll see.

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