Okie, so now I’m really…

Okie, so now I'm really posting, at a real time, from a real place. Tasos hooked me up with DSL and my computer, so I'm a happy happy camper. Huzzah for fast connections! They make life better.

I hope you all enjoyed The Poet and the Mathematician. Thanks again to Jed for filling in while I was gone! I had fun writing it, and it was rather nice to have something to post every day of December. Maybe I'll try to do one of these short stories every December. We'll see. Did you like it enough for that? Let me know, please. I've put the whole story above, so it can be read in one fell swoop, rather than in pieces. Also better for printing out.

Kev and Tasos went out for food for tonight -- wine and cheese and pate, mmm.... Maybe some real food too. They'll be back soon, and while I'd like to chat with them, I should at least attempt some revisions on the new project. (Which isn't so new anymore, I suppose). I had a good talk with my editor this morning (over Belgian waffles and fruit at Balthazar's), and I think I have a decent handle on where it needs to go. He's going to see if he can give me a few more days on the deadline, but he wants me to aim for the the 6th, just in case. Oof. Going to be a busy week...

Before I get to work, just one more thing. We're winding up the Strange Horizons fund drive, so if you have a little spare cash left over the holidays and want to donate and get a chance at all those fabulous prizes, now's the time. Stop by, take a look, catch up on the magazine. You'll like it. :-) I especially recommend Jay Lake's story, "Jack's House", which he brought to the Oregon workshop, and which Jed, Susan and I promptly fell in love with. It's got tragedy, comedy, talking animals, and radical social change. Doesn't that sound like a lovely read for New Year's Eve?

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! Drive safe if you're out tonight, okay?

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