31. The poet and…


The poet and the mathematician packed their bags and walked away from the falling-down shack. They walked a very long way, until at last they were passing the crossroads. Stephan and Nathan greeted them as they walked by, "Young poet! Did you learn some truths?"

The poet grinned. "I learned that I like mathematicians. Or at least I like this one."

The crows cawed delightedly. "We thought you might!"

The poet waved good bye, as she led the mathematician down the path, down down down to the coconut palms, to the little house by the sea, where her good desk was waiting. Her fingers were itching for pencil and paper. Later, they would eat soup, and watch the sunset, and tomorrow they would start building a house for the mathematician. Later, they would do all of these things. But right now -- right now, she felt a poem inside her, slowly opening, finding its way out. She urged the mathematician to hurry. And he did.

The End.

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