Morning, munchkins. As…

Morning, munchkins. As you can see, I'm getting back on track. Still somewhat off -- I didn't get to sleep until 3-ish last night, and since I woke up around 9, I'm kind of tired. But not too tired to write, which is the important thing. I have about 33,000 words on the new project; in theory, I'll be aiming to get up to around 40,000 today before handing it in. In actuality, I don't need to make a hard word count; I just need to write as much as is necessary to finish the rough draft. We'll see how much that takes.

Mostly otherwise just doing little chores. A last load of laundry is in the dryer now; when it's done, I can finish packing. When I finish writing the next chunk, I'll run out to mail some packages and pick up milk -- I've run out, so until I get more, no tea! Frustrating, since I'm leaving town tomorrow morning; it might last until I return on the 1st, but no guarantees. At noon, wake Kevin and send him off to the airport; he's going to his parents in California, and then we're meeting up in NY for New Year's with Alex and Tasos and Jerome, which should be mellow and fun. All math geeks, all the time. :-) There are some dishes to do, maybe one more meal to cook. And that's about it for chores; the presents are all wrapped -- the apartment is clean enough. If I write through the afternoon, I should be able to just veg out in front of the tv tonight, and leave peacefully in the morning. That's the plan, at any rate.

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