15. She slowly…


She slowly removed her hand from his mouth. He didn't shout again. He didn't look angry -- just confused. His forehead had little worry lines in it. He opened his mouth, and the poet braced for another blast of sound. But instead, what came out was almost a whisper. It didn't hurt her ears, but she still couldn't understand a word of it.

Heh. Funny story segment for today, considering that Kevin and I stayed up talking 'til past 4 last night, trying to understand each other.

Actually, only the first part was trying to understand each other. We'd had dinner at John and Vicki's, and there had been this discussion of hard sciences versus soft sciences (aka social sciences) and whether mathematicians tended to sneer at anthropologists (and let's not even bother talking about humanities people), and we were tired and a little drunk (okay, John was a lot drunk) and probably the argument didn't make so much sense even if you were there. So we kept trying to sort it out after we got home; eventually, we pretty much did.

But by that point, it was past 1:30 and we were both lying in bed pretty awake, so we ended up talking about us for a while. It's a weird situation, munchkins. 'Cause in most regards, we're really happy. We've whittled away at some of minor issues, and some of the semi-major ones have turned into minor ones, and really, it all seems quite cope-able with, and quite happy for us both. Except. Except for the one looming major issue, which we were thinking we'd hit an impasse on. Kevin did some creative thinking last night, and it's possible that he's found sort of a side route around the issue which might possibly work. I'm not sure -- it's going to require some pondering. It's a little dubious. But we love being together, and we really don't want to give up on this, and much as I like California and my friends there, I don't want to move there. Not when I could be here with Kevin instead. Not as long as that's plausibly a reasonable idea. So we're going to ponder Kevin's new concept, see where it takes us. And enjoy being together for at least a while longer. I think we deserve some happiness, after last year, which was just horrible.

I gave him one of his Christmas presents last night, the sappy one, because I was feeling sappy. It's a mug I found at Borders -- a massive oversized coffee mug, in sort of a dark sage green, with raised white lettering. On one side are some Chinese characters. On the other, is the English translation: Joy. Last Christmas, I didn't expect to get another Christmas with Kevin. I remember how miserable I was, visiting my relatives, trying not to think about that. I wanted him to have this, to tell him that I'm glad I came here, that I've been happy these last few months. I couldn't have foreseen this, at this time last year. Unexpected joy.

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