25,456. A little short,…

25,456. A little short, given that I didn't write anything yesterday on the new project -- too swamped with finishing up Kathryn. Copyedits done! My responsibilities aren't quite done, though -- still have proofing of galleys to do. Had forgotten that step. By the time I'm done, I'm pretty sure I'll have read this whole damn book at least ten times. Good thing I still like it. :-)

Yesterday was Jed's and my five-year anniversary. He posted something suitably sappy, which I was, of course, charmed by. I have a poem nudging around in my head for him, but it hasn't jelled yet; not sure when it will. I imagine y'all will see it when it does. But in case it doesn't happen soon, I thought I'd best post at least briefly today, noting that I am utterly delighted to still be involved with my sweet Jed, five years down the line. I expect this delight to last indefinitely. :-)

It apparently was also Tim Pratt's birthday yesterday. Happy birthday, Tim! A good day all around, apparently.

It also was a good day for presents; in addition to Jed's lovely anniversary presents, I opened a Xmas present from my good knight, Sir James -- a truly gorgeous silver Thai hair thingie. Thank you, James! I'll wear it home for Christmas.

And now, I think I need to walk away from the computer for a while. Finish that Cervantes, perhaps.

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