I was talking to Duncan…

I was talking to Duncan this morning, and he mentioned that Aqua Erotica is up to 118,000 copies in print. Woohoo! If only I got royalties on that one...but still, it's remarkably satisfying, to know that a book I edited has more than a 100,000 copies in print (and presumably, sold, since they keep adding more print runs). It's still selling steadily, too. Yay! I still don't have word on sales of Wet, sadly, but there's 60,000 copies of that in print, which is lovely, and I can still find it in big chain bookstores everywhere I go. Very nice.

I needed some good news to wake me up. You know that feeling when you get up in the morning and wander around and can't figure out why you can't quite seem to focus on the world, why you're in such a daze, and then suddenly you realize that you forgot to put your glasses on when you got up? And you put them on, and everything jumps into sharp relief, and you feel much better, much more capable and eager to accomplish stuff? Well, what I don't know is what you're supposed to do when you have that feeling...and you're already wearing your glasses. That's what I felt like this morning, when I got up around 7-ish. What I actually did was lie down and go back to sleep on the couch, but I'm not sure that was the best approach. I woke up still groggy, but now, am finally starting to wake up. Of course, it's now 10 o'clock...

I wrote half my Christmas cards Monday night, did I mention? While Todd and Kevin were watching football (I watched periodically -- oh, poor Chicago Bears. Very sad). I'm going to try to write the rest today -- the Mailboxes, etc. place said that they thought they'd have holidays stamps in again on Thursday. Which is tomorrow. I think. I'm getting the days all muddled again.

It did cheer me up to start singing "Good King Wenceslas". Carols might be my favorite part of Christmas, really. Hard to say. I taught myself the third verse while I was waiting for my tea to be ready this morning. Two more to go...

Mostly, I need to write today. Try to get ahead a little bit on the big project -- I'm not exactly behind, but I'm not ahead either. Still, more than halfway done, which is rather satisfying. Being able to sustain this pace does make me wonder what the hell I thought I was doing the last ten years. Think of all the books I could've been writing!!! Jeez!

I've also run out of The Poet and the Mathematician, so if I want to keep being good about posting this, then I need to write more of it today. Of course, I don't actually know if y'all are liking. So far, not a single e-mail about it, very sad. Do you like it? You should tell me. Mary Anne thrives on praise and encouragement. :-)

Okie, off to work.

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