Bryan and Elissa are old…

Bryan and Elissa are old friends of ours. There's a very long and convoluted story attached to how they got together; the very brief version is that at one point, I was dating Bryan (that was very brief too), and Elissa was interested in Bryan, and she was dating Kevin (as was I), and she was looking for something monogamous, which wasn't so well-suited to me and Kevin, and Bryan thought Liss was pretty cute, and I didn't think I was so well-suited to everyone sort of shuffled around and she and Bryan ended up together and monogamous, and Kevin and I went back to the way we were before. And we were all much happier.

Hmm...I'm not sure that's at all clear. Oh well. It's really a very long story, when told right, involving fireworks and dangerous walks along the lake. The relevant part is that Kev and I take some credit for getting them together; they've been together oh, not so far from a decade now, very happy. I danced at their wedding. (Kevin mostly doesn't dance, but he was there. :-) It was a good thing, helping them get together.

And now they've gone and adopted a baby, an adorable infant Benjamin from Guatemala. He might be the cutest baby ever. That's not a statement I can make definitively, because Jeremiah and Zoe are tough competition. But he's one of the three cutest babies ever, for certain. Especially in that last picture. And I'm just so happy for them all; Liss and Bryan are going to be great parents, just fabulous. They're both teachers -- now they have someone they can experiment on full-time. :-) I wrote recommendations for them to the adoption agency, and I'm just thrilled that I got to contribute, in some small way, to their new happiness. I try not to meddle too much in other people's lives, but sometimes it just works out so well...


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