18285. A little over…

18285. A little over four thousand words today -- that's much better. I'm a little ahead of schedule now, which is good...and I really enjoyed writing today, which is better. As I get to know my protagonist better, this is getting more and more fun. It's almost like being inside a crystal as it's forming, a sense of -- aha, here's another interesting angle, of course, that had to go there. A little surreal, but wholly delightful. I hope my readers like it too.

I had a little more Kathryn work to do today -- longish talk with Duncan who finally had a chance to look at the second draft properly. He had a few pages he wants me to edit before he sends them to the copyeditor, so I promised to do those tomorrow and send them along. That's the task for tomorrow morning. (Could try to do now, but fingers hurting; time to break from computer, I think.) Then on Wednesday, the copyedited manuscript comes back, and Thursday we spend a while on the phone fixing the copyedits, *plus* making those changes that I have waiting (the ones that came in after 12/1 from various of you). Thursday's conversation is likely to be longish.

It's all a little more harried than expected because Penguin has decided they want to send out bound galleys -- Duncan wasn't too detailed about this, but I presume it's some sort of promotional thing that I should be happy they're doing. And so I am, but it's still just slightly hectic. Not too bad, though -- thank god I don't have any other real commitments this month. I'm neglecting both Tiptree and exam reading, but I think I can catch up after the 18th. Of course, that means massive amounts of books in my luggage back to visit the folks in CT (on the 20th), oof. My mother will be bewildered. She doesn't really get the reading-for-fun thing. Not that this is pure fun; but it's still at least sort of fun.

Anyway -- I need to run out for a quick errand; hopefully it won't be too cold. It was much warmer yesterday than I expected; still winter, but much more winter in Salt Lake than winter in Chicago. You needed a coat, but once you had the coat, you were fine. This was emphatically not the case a few days ago.

After the errand, relaxing with Cervantes, I think. About 150 pages to go. That's if I'm good. If I'm not good, then tv. We'll see what wins out. :-)

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