Hey, munchkins. So,…

Hey, munchkins. So, still unclear whether I can tell you about the new project yet. Which is frustrating, in part because I don't like being vague in here, and in part because I'd appreciate some advice. For one thing, my protagonist is male, and I'm kind of nervous about getting the maleness right. So I was wondering -- if you're interested in seeing drafts of this pretty much as I write them, which would probably mean daily e-mails for the next two weeks, and giving me commentary (on the maleness, or on anything else that strikes you), I'd love that feedback. Drop me a note if you're interested and have the time to look at it (or even possibly look at it -- you're not necessarily committing to giving feedback if the holiday frenzy catches up with you :-). Another question I have I think I can just ask right here. I think there'll be a point at which where my protagonist goes to a rather irresponsible sex party. Not only is there unsafe sex and heavy drinking, but he gets offered various drugs. I am appallingly ignorant about drugs. I've never smoked a cigarette. I've had two pot brownies in my entire life, a couple puffs from an e-cigarette which came with pre-filled cartridges, and that's the limit of my drug experience. So a) I have no idea what drugs might show up at such parties, b) I have no idea what their effects would be, and c) if I want things to go badly for my protagonist (unclear at this point), I have no idea what drug he'd be likely to take at this kind of thing that could plausibly fuck him up badly. I would really appreciate some education on this score! I promise to share the results of my research with the group. :-)

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