Did I mention that I hit…

Did I mention that I hit my head? Perhaps the most exciting event of yesterday was when I, in the process of walking quickly from the kitchen to the tv room, cut a corner just a little too closely and slammed my left temple into the corner of a protruding wall. Owie owie owie! It raised a nice little bump. Kevin made me a cold compress (we had to figure out what that was -- we decided ice in a plastic baggie, wrapped in a kitchen towel, worked pretty well) and I took some Advil, and mostly it wasn't too bad after the first blinding pain. It hurt an astonishing amount, renewing my determination to avoid being in danger of physical injury as much as possible. Today's it's just tender to the touch, plus a very slight headache. But I now claim the right to forget all kinds of things for the next week or so -- it's not my fault, it's the fault of the bump on my poor head.

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