Ate soup, plus a big old…

Ate soup, plus a big old slice of rhubarb pie. Mmm. The scale this morning said 139, and I told Kevin that I hoped it still said that tomorrow (our scale being notoriously unreliable). He said that it probably depended in part on what I ate today, and that if I wanted it to say a bigger number, we had two pounds of butter in the freezer. Heh.

My thoughts are bouncing all over. I got a call today, inviting me to do a rush project. It would pay well, but it'd mean putting aside the grad school reading and just writing frantically for the month of December. I'm probably going to do it, but I keep going over pros and cons in my head. And panicking slightly -- what if I screw up? What if I agree to do this, and then just burn out and can't deliver it on time, on deadline. What if I get sick? What if I turn into a raving lunatic and drive Kevin nuts too? But oh, the sweet sweet money.

It's all confidential at the moment; I think if I take it, I'll be able to talk about the details publically. Not sure. Probably. If not, you'll just have to put up with me referring to The Project in here.

Eep eep eep. Can't think straight. More tea, then back to work on Kathryn. At least I know what I'm doing there.

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