Haven’t posted much…

Haven't posted much 'cause I haven't done much. Re-read McKinley's The Blue Sword (v. good, but not as blow-you-away as her The Hero and the Crown, which is still one of my top ten kid's books ever (and you could even make the argument that it has a poly sensibility as a nice bonus)). You know, I don't think I really registered all the ethnic/race stuff when I was reading it as a kid -- the Homelanders are clearly modelled on British colonizers, and the Damarians are remarkably similar to Indians, up to and including dark brown skin. She does a really good job with it too, subtly echoing all the real world stuff without banging you over the head with it. Also re-read Pierce's Squire and read Jones's Hexwood. It was a weekend for kids' books, apparently.

Other than that, played computer games (which ate up all of Saturday and part of Sunday) and went to a math party with Kevin, for Vicki's birthday. Tasted absinthe (brought from Spain, but without the wormwood) -- weird stuff. Sweet and kind of sparkly. Don't really know how to describe it. Chatted with nice people. Good time had by all.

Umm...that's pretty much it. Long conversation with Karina last night. Some tv. No working. And that's got to change right about now, so off I go.

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