I have entirely failed…

I have entirely failed to do any real work today. No e-mail, no paperwork. Instead I rested, did laundry, cleaned the tv room (moving the futon and scratching Kevin's poor wood floor in the process, dammit), watched some old Buffy I hadn't seen before (the one with the first robot girl, the episode just before Buffy's mom dies) and read that mystery novel.

Oh, and I helped Kevin lay down a rug in the living room -- we bought a Persian rug on eBay and it came today. We weren't quite sure if we liked it (the colors really weren't so much like the photo online), but it's growing on us. We have to decide if we're keeping it by tomorrow; we'll live with it for a day and see. Aside from the color issue, it seems like a pretty good plan, buying fancy rugs on eBay -- we got it for a little less than $10/sq. ft., which Kev says is about half what you'd probably pay in a rug store for a low-end Persian rug. He did research. Luckily, I didn't have to do anything other than look at an occasional picture and say whether I liked it or not. I like that kind of shopping.

Not sure what I'll do now -- I feel a little too restless to watch tv, but too tired to work. Eh. Will probably watch tv anyway. Tomorrow, work, I swear.

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