Hey, munchkins. I think…

Hey, munchkins. I think I'm up to journalling again -- I got back here, and I just didn't feel like talking to anyone other than Kevin. Sort of collapsed into a little tv-watching puddle on the couch and waited for my energy to come back. Am mostly better now.

A couple of you asked what the heck we were doing in Menominee. Umm...staying at a B&B and then attending a Guy Fawkes party at Neil Gaiman's house. (Yes, there was a teenage girl inside me squealing with glee pretty much the whole time. Me! At Neil Gaiman's party! I managed to keep the squealing internal, though.) Fabulous bonfire, impressive fireworks, big pots of good chili and trays of baked potatoes. Had great conversations with Cecilia Tan, Ellen Datlow, Pamela Dean -- various and sundry; just a nice time all around, in fact. Still delighted that Neil invited me. (Not quite sure how I got on the invite list, but sometimes you just accept what the world sends you, smiling.)

I did learn that Neil Gaiman has read Aqua Erotica in his sauna. There ought to be some way to work that into the promotional materials...

Anyway, back to work. Gonna make some tea, then finish up those last leftover bits on the CYO and send them to Duncan. They're actually going to review it this weekend, so I'll find out next week a) what they think of the draft, and b) what revisions they want me to make. Around lunchtime, I need to run an errand or two downtown, and then it's back here, climbing into my car, and driving off to Schaumburg for WindyCon. I'm on a panel at 4, and I need to hang some stuff in the art show before then. I wouldn't normally even attempt to do two cons in two successive weekends, but I'm going to do this in a pretty low-key way, I think. Just panel during the day, come back here in the evenings and be restful with Kevin instead of the whole party thing. We'll see how it goes.

Good to be home.

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