Tough time getting…

Tough time getting started today. I stayed up a little late last night; our new futon frame is the perfect size for me and Kev to cuddle on. Around 11 I got sleepy, but I had missed him so, I didn't want to go to bed. He was sitting up, and I lay down with my head in his lap, sort of watching sit-coms, sort of dozing. Periodically he'd ask if I actually wanted to go to sleep, and I'd say, "Not yet." 'Cause it was just so nice to have him there, holding my hand, occasionally thumping my forehead with his fingertips during the commercials... Okay, the thumping wasn't particularly nice, in and of itself. But it did make me giggle.

And so I went to bed around 12:30. Slept like a log until 6:30, when he came to bed. Which was sadly just late enough that I was starting to wake up a little...I spent the next couple of hours alternately dozing and debating getting up. Didn't actually climb out of bed until after 9, and it took half a slice of pizza and half a mug of tea and a recorded episode of Sports Night to get me awake enough to actually work. Dealt with a bunch of e-mail, but the bulk of today's work is still to come. And the day isn't getting any longer...

I did do an amazing amount of writing yesterday. I stopped at 49,620 words, with one ending and some revisions left to do. I would've pushed through, but I couldn't get through to Melcher -- their phone has either been busy or unanswered. Weird -- they must be having some phone trouble. I hope it's nothing more; I haven't heard of anything terrible happening in New York -- I have to admit that was my first thought when I couldn't get through. I hate that. I'm still a little worried for them, for no good reason.

Anyway, piles of stuff to do. I should get to it. Later, my dears.

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