Wrote about 1500 words…

Wrote about 1500 words this morning before going off to brunch, and I'm looking forward to the next bit. I think part of the reason I had trouble yesterday was that I was in a slow section -- the part when Kathryn is entering a traditional-type relationship, with a monogamous guy and all. Honestly, it was just dull. I don't *think* it reads dull, but I may have to go back and rewrite this section later. For now, I'm just glad I'm through it -- the relationship is about to start splitting off into various paths, all of them at least a little kinky. So it gets interesting. The goal for today is to finish off this entire romantic path, with all four endings. If I can do that, then I get to do the fun stuff tomorrow -- the threesome with the two gay guys, the sex party and the dungeon scene. Should be fun.

I don't think I've ever done this much sustained fiction writing in a row. It's something of a rush, actually. I'm starting to see how M'ris and Tim P. can do this, day after day after day. I'm not quite there yet -- much as I'm enjoying this, I'll also be glad when it's Tuesday and I can take a day away from the computer...

Brunch was lovely, btw. Drove up to Jennifer's house in Evanston, and it was just her and me and Nalo having intense writing discussion over mushrooms and eggs, cornbread with honey butter, chicory coffee, bacon. Yum yum. Killed the diet, but yum yum yum. In two hours we managed to cover Nalo's new novel proposal, the post-colonial anthology she's considering doing, what post-colonial really is, how it relates to Sri Lanka, what a Sri Lankan-influenced post-colonial sf story might look like, and how to spice up the aforementioned dull romance segment in my Kathryn story. And we watched a little bit of My Neighbor Totoro, which Nalo hadn't seen. (I've seen it in bits and pieces; at some point, I really ought to sit down and watch it start to finish. And all the rest of Miyazaki's work, probably.) Good fun, and great to see Nalo again, especially since there's only a very slim chance that she'll make it to World Fantasy.

Okie, back to work, munchkins. Happy Sunday. Did you set back all your clocks correctly?

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