Okay, so sometimes I…

Okay, so sometimes I need sometime to tell me I'm being a dumbkoff (sp?). In this case, my body spoke up, waking me with a very scratchy throat. Generally, this would be a bad thing, but it did make me realize that I should call in sick to the training, and that even without the sore throat, I probably should've stayed home and written today, given the deadline. The training is important, but it can by made up -- I'm going to have to make up next week's anyway, since I'll be away at World Fantasy. So now I just have two make-up days instead of one, and they'll be a little tedious, since the rest of the training group won't be there, but I'll manage, and I have a much less strenous pace for this weekend, which is pretty clearly a good thing. And I get to baby my throat, since I really hate being sick for conventions. I'm going to wrap up well, drink lots of hot tea and juice, and pop vitamins like there's no tomorrow.

The new, revised, better plan for today is to alternate writing with relaxing, restful activities (which pretty much means watching tv, with maybe a little reading here and there). No more socializing planned this weekend, which is probably a good thing, even though last night was so much fun.

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