I hope y’all don’t mind…

I hope y'all don't mind when I put up four entries in one day, and then nothing the next day. Hopefully you don't read this journal for its consistency.

Productive day yesterday, despite waking up late-ish. Worked on Debbie's books some, finishing names. Each step doesn't take very long, but the necessary pressing and glueing in between does make it a longish process. If I'm going to make any books for World Fantasy, I should really start them Saturday at the latest. We'll see.

Around 3-ish I headed down to Hyde Park. Munched a yummy samosa while reading some more of the Mahabharata, then got some chai and settled down to work in the C-Shop. Headphones on, I managed about three hours of solid revision work on "Savitha" -- I'm very pleased. I'm hoping to work on it some more when I finish this entry, and possibly actually have a decent draft to send out by dinnertime. Fingers crossed.

At 7, I headed over to Skiffy where I first ran into one of Kevin's colleagues and chatted with him for a while, then played games with the Skiffyites -- Chez Dork and Family Business. Much fun, and I played happily until 10 or so. Home to watch Birds of Prey, which I hadn't seen before -- mediocre, I think. Don't know that I'll bother watching it again, despite the cute chicks. And then bed.

Kev leaves today; won't be back 'til Tuesday. I'm hoping to buckle down and work -- in fact, I have to, since the CYO is due on Monday. The next three days will have to be pretty much devoted to that. Shouldn't be a problem writing twenty thousand words in that time, since it's all plotted out already; I figure three seven-hour days of writing should do it. I can spill over onto Monday if I have to. The only tightness in all that is that I really ought to go to the volunteer training on Saturday, which is going to eat up eight hours, oof. But I can work before and after it -- as long as I don't do any socializing, I'll be fine.

Of course, Nalo's in town this weekend...

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