Well, I’ve had one bid…

Well, I've had one bid for "Savitha" and one for "Bodies in Motion", so I'm going to look at those two this morning and see whether I feel up to revising them.

Despite eight hours of sleep I feel groggy, unsettled. I was also convinced that I'd gained five pounds in the last week (I haven't been eating particularly carefully), so I was rather dreading stepping on the scale, but it turns out that I'm still holding steady at exactly 140. Odd. Maybe what little muscle exists in my body is turning itself to lighter fat? It's possible. I've been feeling undisciplined lately -- while I do work, it's all sort of random. I'm wishing I were back to eating carefully, working straight through from the time I get up 'til dinnertime, maybe exercising a little. Maybe then I wouldn't feel so groggy. I suppose the thing to do is do it, but there's a little voice in my head saying, "You could just lie down in front of the tv instead..."

I'm going to go make some tea. I'm going to put the dishes in the dishwasher while the tea steeps, then I'll come back and put on music with headphones (because Kevin just went to sleep, poor munchkin). Then I'm going to work on Debbie's books -- finish up the casings. If I get tired of that, I'm going to pull out the crits for those two stories and look at them again. I am, I am, so there. No tv.

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