I am entirely failing to…

I am entirely failing to revise, but I am succeeding in dealing with all kinds of random crap, so I suppose that's something. Among the random crap was sorting out World Fantasy stuff -- I've been approved for the art show, which means that this weekend will be spent hauling out the art I have left and thinking about making more art. (When I'm not freaking out about finishing the CYO manuscript, which is due this coming Monday.) It's going to be a longish trip; either Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning, I'll drive up to Karen's in Madison -- Thursday morning around 10-ish (maybe?), Karen and I will drive to Minneapolis. She's volunteered to drive that whole leg, and I just might take her up on it; she actually likes driving, and most of the time, I still only tolerate it.

Then World Fantasy Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I'm only on two panels (actually, there appears to be very little panelling overall) -- the Broad Universe rapid-fire reading, which should be much fun (despite the fact that the mean hotel won't let us have refreshments without paying them exorbitant amounts, which we're not paying), and a late night erotica panel with Dave Smeds, Cecilia Tan, Connie Wilkins and...oh, someone else I'm forgetting but who has also published a fair bit of erotica. It's nice to actually have five experts on the panel -- that doesn't always happen.

Sunday evening at 7 p.m., I might go hear the Fabulous Lorraine's (of Flash Girls fame) new band, Folk Under Ground, playing at a club called First Ave, (First Ave. and 7th St. in Minneapolis MN, just down the road from the convention hotel). All the cool kids will be there. And then I think Sunday night, Karen and Susan and I will head off to Menominee, to stay at a nice inn, lounge around Monday, and then attend a fun party in the evening. We're currently planning on heading back to Madison on Tuesday. I'll probably go directly to Chicago from there, although I suppose it's possible that I'll just refuse to leave Karen's house for a day or two. :-)

I'm telling you all this mostly in case you'll be in the area and want to come to my panels and/or hear the band. Although if you're not attending the con already, probably not worth paying registration just to hear me babble -- it's steep!

Okay, running out of things to procrastinate with. Will either make dinner now (pot pie, I think, with homemade crust because I'm too lazy to go to the store and buy a crust (yes, I know that's a bit counter-intuitive, since usually people are too lazy to make crust...)) or revise or maybe haul out the art stuff a bit early. But it'd be kind of me to hold off on the art, since it tends to make a big mess in the apartment, and Kev's leaving early Thursday anyway to go visit his folks for a long weekend (and I think his dad's birthday, maybe? I should know these things...)

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