Realizing that it’s…

Realizing that it's October, and therefore, once again time for me to submit *something* to Glimmer Train (or as many as three somethings, since that's how many they'll look at in a month), I poked through my Sri Lankan stories. And discovered that I have:

  • two published: "Minal in Winter" and "Seven Cups of Water"

  • three making the rounds: "A Gentle Man" (at Kenyon Review), "Monsoon Day" (waiting for Kenyon), and "Sister Mary" (at Yale Review)

  • four that I'm not sure if I'll be including in the collection, and which are therefore temporarily on hiatus: "Lulu's Husband", "Ramesh's Story", "The Light at Dawn" and "Challah"

  • seven (!) that are in various 'not-yet-ready' stages: "Bodies in Motion", "Lakshmi's Diary", "Pieces of the Heart", "Savitha", "Colombo, Oxford, Boston, Chicago", "The Princess in the Forest" and "The Emigrant"
Seven! Seven unfinished stories, most of which are really pretty close to finished and only need a day or two of solid work to get them there. What the hell have I been doing, just letting these sit around like that? I am such a lazy bum. And I can't work on them tomorrow, because I'll be at volunteer training all day and dinner with Kev & colleagues in the evening, and I can't work on them Sunday, because I *promised* Duncan I would rewrite the beginning of the CYO and get it to him by Monday morning early, so they're just going to languish between now and then. Which is sad. Unless I work on them now. I might work on one of them now. But I have to be up at 8 tomorrow, which means bed by midnight if I don't want to be falling asleep in the volunteer training, which gives me only two hours or so of effective work time (if I count in futzing around time too). So I probably won't get to them 'til early next week, which gives y'all plenty of time to tell me which ones you'd most like to see finished. 'Cause I'm totally waffling. If you have an opinion, *please* let me know. And if you haven't read the drafts yet, remember that all you have to do is ask me and I'll point you to the secret page where they reside...

Advice would be much appreciated.

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