Finished Hunted — good…

Finished Hunted -- good story, oddly-written. I don't know how to explain what I mean, except to say that it felt like it needed another draft or two to smooth out the language, fill in narrative detail, etc? Just sort of clunky all over. But despite that, a lot of nice ideas and a satisfying ending.

I was up late-ish last night talking to Kevin, which meant I didn't get up 'til 10:30 today. It always discombobulates me when I sleep that late, even though I don't really have a schedule as such anymore -- there's no reason I can't have an 11-7 workday if I want to. It still seems odd. It's noon now, and all I've done so far today is eat brunch, load the dishwasher, and finish the last fifty or so pages of a book. That's just slow.

The afternoon should be busier. The cable guy is coming shortly to look at our busted cable, and after that (hopefully after, rather than during) a reporter from Wired is calling to talk to me about waterproof books. Hope I can give an interview he actually wants to use! I always prefer doing this sort of thing in e-mail...oh well. After that, errands -- pick up glass tabletops and have another stab at getting the appropriate pipe fittings, this time talking to the nice people at Home Depot. If we factor in the amount of time that Kevin and I have spent trying to fix this garbage disposal, even at $10/hr, it's getting pretty close to the amount it would've cost to pay a plumber to do it. But we're learning stuff, right? That's something. I'm not nearly as scared of pipe fittings as I used to be -- they're surprisingly straightforward in some ways, if kind of gooky.

Assuming all that's done by 6-ish, I'll grab some dinner and head down to Hyde Park for tonight's Skiffy meeting. Playing games and socializing with sf geeks, always fun. Unless my throat starts acting up more; it's a little scratchy now but not too bad. If I start feeling worse after the errands, I'll just stay home and watch tv tonight -- Sharmi (my sister) is arriving tomorrow, and I don't want to be sick for her visit!

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