I’ve been lax about…

I've been lax about pointing y'all to the great stuff at SH in the last month. Among other things, there's a new editorial by me about the SH summer workshops, including some photos of the participants. Tons of fabulous fiction, of course, including a new Wannoshay story by Michael Jasper -- I'm really liking this series, and looking forward to the eventual novel. Both Tim and Heather have poems in our poetry from last month -- Tim's in danger of taking over the SH poetry section entirely, I think. Reviews of all kinds of intriguing books, including the newest Mieville novel. And in articles, I enjoyed, as always, Bryan Clair's math article (this time on the fourth dimension as it appears in art -- cubism and the like). And how can you miss Fred Bush's piece on severed heads in fact and fiction? How kooky is that?

While I'm dealing with a mass of paperwork (slowly but steadily decreasing), you get to read all this fabulous stuff (that I, sadly, have already finished reading). Go, go read.

Oh, one quick note, though -- in this mass of paperwork was a note that "How It Started", from Wet, has been selected for next year's Best Lesbian Erotica. So that's very nice. :-) Yay, me!

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