Hey, munchkins. Ooh,…

Hey, munchkins. Ooh, groggy today. I went to bed around 12:30 last night (only 10:30 California time), and woke up maybe an hour later, too queasy to sleep. I hate being sick. Hate it so much. It went on for hours; I think I finally got up and took some NyQuil around 3-ish, and I was properly asleep by 4. The one consolation in all this was that Kevin has been on a late night schedule himself, and so was able to hold me and talk to me a little. I don't know if it's psychosomatic or what, but I find that physical contact with another human body tends to ease queasiness. I can't really think of a plausible medical reason for this (any conjectures start sliding towards body electrical fields, which comes perilously close to auras), so it's probably psychosomatic, but I don't care as long as it works.

So all that means that I just got up. Not a tragedy -- the work I need to do today isn't really all that dependent on time of day. But weird and disorienting. I'll shower soon, get dressed and go out (in my new car!) to pick up a package from UPS that must be picked up today. I'll probably get some groceries too -- we have some veggies and meat, but no yogurts, and that is sad. I want one. And maybe a big container of orange juice. After three weeks of wandering about in the Bay Area, eating out too often and eating randomly too often, my body is really craving simple, normal food. Yogurts and fruits and veggies. It's kind of strange, but it seems the kind of craving I ought to indulge, for a change. :-) For a major bonus, though, I stepped on the scale this morning, a bit trepidatious, and found that I weighed 140 -- pretty much exactly what I did when I left Chicago. Which is just astonishing, given what I was eating, and I have to think that some of that is muscle turning to fat, but I'll take what comfort I can in the plain number. And start doing sit-ups again, soon, really.

When I get back, I go back to reading the independent e-Book entries; I'm overdue on judging them, and while the organizers have been very kind about cutting me some slack on the lateness, I feel bad about missing the deadline. I had trouble downloading two of the entries; hopefully I can figure that out today. If not, I'll get Kevin to attack the problem this evening -- one way or another, I should be done with these by sometime tomorrow, and I can get back to real work.

Duncan wants half of the CYO book by the end of the month. I said hah! I have 16,670 words written -- the total word count is supposed to be 45,000 words, so I'm a little over a third done. Two solid days of work should actually get me to the halfway point, but I'm not willing to promise that to him. But tentatively, I'm going to try to make that deadline, probably early next week. This week, I'm so behind on Tiptree reading that once I'm done with the e-Book stuff, I'm going to dive into those novels.

Let's not think about my exam list, shall we?

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