I’m feeling oddly raw…

I'm feeling oddly raw these days; emotionally wimpy, and ready to get upset at very little provocation. I think it's mostly an effect of a lot of intense socializing and lots of hard work putting together the Oregon workshop, with not enough recuperation time after an exhausting WorldCon. (Both WorldCon and the workshop went very well, and I'm glad I did them, but still.) Plus getting sick -- I developed a cold on Thursday and I'm still fighting it now, though it's gotten mostly better. I think if I just put my head down and work quietly for a week or two, I'll be okay again. Work sounds really good right now. So does curling up with some hot tea, a thick blanket, a stuffed animal and some classic Trek episodes on the tv. But since I have a fair bit of work I'm behind on, I'd better go with the work option instead.

I go back to Chicago tomorrow. Maybe I've been away too long. Maybe I haven't been away long enough. It's a little hard to tell right now. I'm just a big muddle.

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