I’d gotten a bit behind…

I'd gotten a bit behind on e-mail while at David's -- he has a dial-up connection, and while he's very good about getting me set up on it, I just don't have much patience for them anymore. It's easier to wait to get to Jed's where there's a cable modem. Even easier with Civ to distract me from the e-mail I really ought to be answering.

And so, my SH staff has started getting into the dangerous habit of occasionally making decisions without checking with me first! (For example, my senior articles editor recently decided to divert some money from his budget to license illustrations for an upcoming article.) The control-freak in me is a little panicked about this...but the king is overall rather pleased, she thinks. One simply cannot run a kingdom properly without trusted subordinates who are able to think for themselves and make intelligent decisions. Sometimes better decisions than the king would have made, not because they are smarter than the king, but just because they happen to know more about the particular situation. If they are smarter than the king, they are also smart enough not to point this out to her. :-)

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