M’ris asked what people…

M'ris asked what people (girls, particularly, I think) were wearing to WorldCon. I generally wear what I think of as loose academic professional to conventions (as opposed to academic casual, which is t-shirts and jeans...sometimes torn jeans). Dresses 'cause I like dresses (though occasionally slacks and a button-down shirt of some kind) for the most part, and because it's easy to adjust them to the weather. If the hotel isn't too air-conditioned, then I wear them bare-armed and bare-legged with sandals. If the hotel *is* too air-conditioned, then I throw a cardigan over the dress, add a pair of tights, and regular shoes. Usually all in black, so it's easy to coordinate. I have lots of dresses that go with black tights and cardigan. That's pretty much my standard autumn-winter-spring-air-conditoned-summer hotel outfit. Easy, reasonably professional-looking without being too stuffy, comfortable, with a bit of personal style.

I usually wear more summery stuff to WisCon, just 'cause we spend a lot of time wandering outside the hotel at that convention. But that's an exception.

I also plan to wear an SH t-shirt for a few hours on Saturday, for our tea party. :-)

Speaking of SH, it's been a while since I pointed you over there to read. You should, of course, be reading it religiously every week. But in case you're not, I'll point out that Ben Rosenbaum's lovely cities series is ending now (and if you've missed them somehow, you can now go back to the beginning and read all twelve cities in a row -- they're very short). Sadness. And also that there's a story up, "Talisman", which is precisely the sort of modern fantasy that I like. Very reminiscent of Nina Kiriki Hoffman's work, with maybe a bit of de Lint. Good stuff.

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