We’ve been having…

We've been having intermittent thunderstorms here. It's quiet weather; the air has the sort of feeling that makes me want to lie around, drowsy. It's been a little hard to motivate to work. I've been cleaning instead; people are coming to brunch Saturday, and I'm leaving town next Wednesday for three weeks. I like the place to be clean when I leave, even though I know the odds are slim that'll it'll be clean when I get back. Small projects here and there; I'm waiting for the Melcher folks to get back to me with the specs for the new project -- once they do, I need to dive into it. Which means that before then I should finish any other little things I'm working on.

I'm almost done with the WorldCon art. A few more collages, I think. I'm sorry to say that my favorite so far won't make it to WorldCon -- it's too big to fit in my art portfolio bag. It's a large collage of "Fraying Edges", with rose petals, gold leaf, feathers, driftwood, and other cool stuff. I'll take it to World Fantasy, if I drive there. Ditto for the wire and bead tree I made for WisCon. Those two need a car to transport them -- I suppose I could ship them, but that's just too much hassle. If I somehow end up flying to World Fantasy, then they'll just have to wait for WindyCon.

Lots of little things I want to do before I go. I have seven pots of herbs at the moment: parsley, basil, thyme, oregano, mint, chives, lemon balm. They're still in the green plastic pots they came in, without dishes underneath them, which means that they have to be taken to the sink to be watered. If I want there to be a hope of Kevin actually watering them for the three weeks I'm gone, I think it's best if I go get terra cotta pots with dish trays that they can sit in. So there's a little Home Depot errand.

Lots of little things to do for SH, mostly for the art gallery. We're trying to put together another staff photo gallery for our second anniversary. Also sometime in the next few days I need to check in on the Oregon workshop stuff -- make sure there's nothing I need to do for it before WorldCon. Might be good if I did a little more class prep in advance this time, tried doing more structured craft discussions. They were pretty free-form in NJ, which I think was less helpful than it might have been.

I'm supposed to meet up with Nnedi to discuss our novels-in-progress (and no, I haven't written anything more on that in months. ah well). I'm supposed to have dinner with my aunt. I'm having lunch with Lisette today, since she's in town. Socializing is lovely, but not so good for either working or dieting!

Many tiny projects. Hard to settle down to them. But I'd best get back to it.

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