If I’m cranky with…

If I'm cranky with anyone in the next couple days, please forgive me -- I'm hungry.

I'm trying to get back to my normal eating habits (which means not so much food), after a few weeks of indulgence. First there was my birthday, with the three chocolate cakes (if you're having a birthday potluck, you might want to warn people if you already have cake) and my aunt's amazing-but-so-bad-for-you deep-fried curry rolls. There was Bryan and Lissa's visit, with much eating out and also cooking of Greek food (olive oil galore). Then there was a visit to my parents' house, and way too much of my mom's irresistible curry. Then there was buying all kinds of yummies for the workshop, including tasty cheeses for lunchtime sandwiches (which I just had to sample, don't you know), lots of ordered Chinese food for Thursday dinner, Kevin's mom's lasagnes for Friday dinner, and a massive spread of curry for Saturday dinner. And snacks. I never eat snacks, but somehow a workshop seems to require cheesy orange things -- Doritos and Cheez 'Ums and such.

And despite lots of time in the ocean, all of that adds up to a solid five pounds I didn't have a month ago -- and I went those pounds gone. So I'm eating normally again, and doing sit-ups, and my stomach has gotten used to more food than that, and so I'm cranky. Forgive me.

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