This is mostly a note…

This is mostly a note for M'ris, who apparently tried to put ginger through a garlic press, though other cooks among you may find it useful too. If you buy a piece of ginger, peel it (this part is very important), and then stick it in a baggie and freeze it, you will have absolutely no trouble grating it finely when it's frozen. Just pull it out, grate as much as you want (your fingers might get a bit cold) and put it back in. It *does* have more moisture this way, that needs to cook off, so if you're somehow planning to garnish something with raw grated ginger, this won't work. But generally, you want to cook it anyway, and the moisture disappears, and it's just lovely and easy. Thanks to Cook's Illustrated, I believe, for that tip, probably the most useful thing I learned from them (though they are just chock-full of useful tips).

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