Why didn’t anyone warn…

Why didn't anyone warn me?! I can't express the frustration of reading a 648-page book, getting to the penultimate chapter...and then getting a letter from the editors, informing me that the author *died* before finishing the book, and that she surely would have had this, this and that happen if she had finished it. Argh! I want my dramatic climax! I want my romantic resolution! I mean, of course I *know* what's going to happen in the last chapter (after 648 pages, you have a pretty good idea of everybody's characters and exactly how it'll all work out), but it's just not the same as having the same voice *tell* you what's going to happen, and exactly how it happened. Not to mention that I think the editors were wrong in some of their projections -- of course Molly doesn't end up in London...why else would Dr. Gibson establish Aimee in the little house away from Hamley Hall?

Authors should just not be allowed to die with unfinished books. So there.

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