Hey, munchkins. Sorry I…

Hey, munchkins. Sorry I haven't written in a bit -- been a busy couple of days, mostly socializing. (I have *got* to do some work starting first thing tomorrow and continuing all damn week. But that's another entry.)

The rest of my birthday was very pleasant; mostly lounging around and reading in the afternoon, talking to people who called off and on. I like birthday phone calls. :-) Also opening presents -- and a special thank you to Zak, who sent me a replacement copy of Tigana -- mine keeps wandering away! In the evening, Kev took me out for a birthday dinner at Vivo, fancy Italian food. Oh, so yummy. It's really nice living only six blocks from fancy, hip restaurants, even if we don't walk to them so often. It's great to have the option.

Saturday I spent much of the day cleaning and organizing, in preparation for today's birthday brunch. We're almost done actually organizing this place -- it'll be very satisfying when it's done. In the late afternoon, hopped the train up to my aunt's place -- she lives about forty-five minutes away. Had a yummy dinner with her and my cousins, including one cousin who lives in Canada, who I haven't seen since '83! So yummy, and followed by gorgeous fireworks over the lake (not especially for my birthday, sadly, but I enjoyed them anyway). We were standing near a broadcasting booth, which was playing the accompanying music -- it's the first time I've ever heard the coordinating music, and I have to say, it makes fireworks much cooler. Have to bring a radio along next time I go to see fireworks!

Today, cooking all morning, fun, followed by many people for brunch, even funner. My aunt, my cousin Nimmi, Roshani and Tom and Zoe, Lisette's friend Wes, Todd, Kevin, Michael Hanneman and Shannon and Daniel (old college friends), Jennifer and Rich and Richard C. and Derek (sf friends). It was really nice having a big crowd here; it's the first party we've really thrown in this place. Went great, and it was especially nice just knowing that I knew so many people in Chicago. When I was first thinking of moving here, I was a bit anxious just because I felt like I was going to be isolated, with only Roshani for company (and consolation if things went badly with Kev). But in fact, I know tons of people here. They're not all close friends, but it's just nice having casual friends to socialize with. Interesting conversation, good hugs. :-) Yay! And what's even better is knowing that all these people could make it on short notice...there's about that many again who already had other plans but would have come if they could. So at some point, I'll have to give people lots of notice and throw a really big party. :-)

Totally vegged out after people left. I've been watching old Star Trek: Next Gen episodes all evening, in between cleaning up from the party. Now the place is pretty much clean, and I've gotten restless enough that I've started working again. Which is good. There's only so long you can goof off, even for your extended birthday (which is not quite over yet, since there are still, I'm told, presents in the mail :-). Happy birthday to me!

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