It’s my birthday! Oh,…

It's my birthday!

Oh, wait -- no, it's not yet. My birthday's not for three more days. But it *feels* like my birthday, 'cause Karina's presents just arrived from Australia (wanna open them), and Kevin's started teasing me about not giving me anything, and most excitingly, my book is out!

Rush right over to Amazon and take a look! Buy it this week if you're going to buy it, please! Take a few minutes and write something glowing about it in their reviews section! Stop by your local bookstores and ask them if they're going to carry it! If they already have it, be sure it's facing cover out! And enthuse about it to the booksellers, and mention how cool it is that you can douse it in water! Suggest displaying it in a fishbowl! Y'all know the drill by now, right? You know what it is to have writers for friends... :-)

(And if, while you're at Amazon, you want to wander over to my wishlist and buy me more birthday presents...well, I wouldn't complain. Girls like presents, they do. And presents like girls. :-)

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