Just finished sorting…

Just finished sorting out my finances. Took an hour, but I suppose I'm happy that I'm in better shape than I thought I was. Jeez -- this is the main thing I'd want a personal assistant for -- I *hate* dealing with money. I mean, it's okay when it's not really my money...when I'm handling it for some other organization. But my money is a big old pain. If I list all the things that are wrong with my life, it's a pretty damn short list at this point. Wish things could be better with my folks -- that's improving slowly over time. Wish things were clearer with me and Kevin -- hopefully that'll improve too. But when it comes to money, it just goes back and forth, up and down. I really need to learn how to handle money better than I do. It causes me way too much unnecessary stress as it is.

Oh well. As I said, damn short list, shouldn't complain too much. I suppose if I wanted to work some standard 9-5 job, I'd be out of my money troubles really quickly. Maybe I'd still be able to squeeze out some time to write, but way less time for reading, and no more time for running Strange Horizons, or organizing workshops, or attending conventions, or editing for Random House, etc. and so on. Wouldn't be worth it to me. It's all trade-offs.

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