I went to bed around…

I went to bed around 2-ish, and woke up around 6-ish to finish the things I had to do. Talked to Kevin (in Zurich!) for five minutes before I had to run. Went to the airport in a bit of a daze, reading Years of Rice and Salt off and on. Got hit on by a cute National Rental Car employee on the escalator -- he took his rejection in good style, and almost made me want to call him back. But I had a plane to catch. Arrived at the gate in good time, caught my flight, played Civilization all the way to Newark. Alex and Yuko met me at the airport, and we stopped for lunch (clams, cajun fish, yum), then came back to his lovely house, which is plenty big enough for twelve friendly people to hold a writers' workshop, yay! Though sleeping bags are definitely in order. Lounged on his hillside terrace (which sadly will not have a jacuzzi installed in time for the workshop -- maybe next year) overlooking lots of trees. It's nice to have friends with money. :-)

After that, went to the local clothing-optional beach. Wore swimsuit. Dove into fairly frigid water and swam about for a bit, waking myself up thoroughly. Got hit on by a total stranger standing near me in the water. Awkwardly handled rejection, not being used to strangers chatting me up, especially not twice in one day. (I think it was the two little braids that made me so oddly irresistible.) He went away rather silently. Oops. Felt bad for a bit, but cheered up by Yuko, who insisted that I didn't handle it badly at all. Conversation switched to fantasy novels, and I lay topless on the beach for an hour, collecting sunshine with my friends. Sometimes, life is very good.

Forgot my camera, so sorry, no photos.


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