Well. I’ve read the…

Well. I've read the workshop subs that have come in so far, and I have to say, I'm both impressed and confused. The subs are much much better on average than what I get when I'm editing anthologies -- perhaps because I indicated the approximate level of the workshop? Everything I've gotten so far is at least competent and publishable, and most of them are actually good. I'm also not sure what I should be thinking about when making decisions -- it's clearer with an anthology, where I'm trying to balance different types of stories. Here, I think it's going to be pretty close to a first-come, first-served thing for the good stories -- I'm not sure how else to make a fair assessment, not without a lot more material from each writer. I don't know how the Clarion workshops do this! (I don't know how colleges do it either!)

I've accepted several people today, and am waffling over several more. Will probably decide on those in the next day or two, and then both workshops will be closed. Astonishing! So if you're still thinking of applying, get me subs ASAP.

It's been a good and productive day -- photos, laundry, workshop subs. Off to dance class!

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