Please note: Current staff at Strange Horizons may not submit fiction, poetry, or art to the magazine. These are all volunteer positions.

Art Editor

The art editors at SH are responsible for a number of monthly features in the department: illustration, gallery, and cartoon. They usually divide up the jobs between them. We currently need a gallery editor.

The gallery editor is responsible for selecting an artist to showcase in the gallery. The editor coordinates with the artist a selection of 8-10 pieces and also lays out the webpages of the gallery, which are submitted to the webmaster. For the monthly cartoon, the editor lays out the cartoon. In addition, the gallery editor is responsible for updating the artist database with new submissions from artists and for acknowledging submissions. Basic HTML skills are necessary for this job. Estimated workload: 5-10 hours/month. If interested, please contact

Articles Editors

We're looking for two editors for the Articles Department. Applicants should have a strong interest in speculative fiction, as well as good language and communication skills. Duties of this job include editing one or two articles a month and evaluating new submissions and queries in a timely fashion. Estimated workload: 5-10 hours/week. If interested, please contact:

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