Happy Friday, y’all! …

Happy Friday, y'all! I'm having a good mini-vacation here; yesterday we went out and bought David a new computer. Woohoo! It's a fabulous titanium powerbook, and while I adore my little iBook, I must admit to a not-so-secret lust for the sleek titanium critter.

Not much else to report -- he whupped me in Scrabble, and otherwise, we've mostly been working on his computer, getting everything over and such. Pretty painless, though we did have a little zip drive excitement. The rest of my time has been devoured by playing Civilization -- the Mac store sold me a copy at cost since we were buying a big fancy thing. Also a spare iBook battery, which is good -- I can now work all day in a cafe without outlets. Very productive, at least in theory. I ought to do some actual work soon, though.

Oh, on the plus side, some work I did last week paid off, at least in theory. Melcher loved my latest revision of the CYO book, so now they're off trying to convince some publisher to buy the thing. Wish us luck!

Tonight, dinner with Jed and a friend, followed by going down to Jed's to stay. Tomorrow, Arthur and Pam's wedding!!!

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