Every morning, I wake up…

Every morning, I wake up and make tea. Pretty much first thing. Since moving here in early May, I've learned to leave the whistling part of the kettle up, which means that I have to keep an eye on the kettle to catch the boiling point (you want to pour the water just before it boils for the best tea). Often I miss it, and occasionally, I get so distracted doing other things that most of the water boils away. So far, I haven't ruined a kettle doing that, but expect me to, one of these days. All this rigmarole is so that I don't accidentally wake Kev in the morning -- he usually goes to bed later than I; sometimes much later, and he has bad insomnia sometimes. It's a small thing to do so a person can sleep better.

The funny thing is that Kevin's been in Zurich for almost two weeks now, but I still automatically push the whistler up when I make my morning tea. Every damn time. How goofy is that?

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