Hmm…I haven’t been…

Hmm...I haven't been very chatty lately, have I? In brief, Sunday had a fun potluck brunch with local sf writers -- there were eight of us, which was a good number, but I'd love to get even more to the next one. We'll see. They hung out for quite a while; some stayed to watch Buffy with me and Shmuel after the brunch part was officially over.

Sunday night, took Shmuel out for a birthday dinner at Shallot's, a local kosher restaurant. Very yummy. Yesterday, hung out with him in morning; he left around noon and Roshani came by and I taught her how to make a dress for Zoe. She found a charming blue flower-printed cotton for the fabric, and the finished dress was utterly adorable. Collar facings and armholes were new to me, but we figured it out together reasonably well. Bias tape is useful stuff! In the evening, jazz class, much fun. Came home feeling totally buzzed.

I'm a little sore today, but not too bad. I'm going to run out shortly (as soon as I've had some tea and dried my hair) and do some necessary shopping, then come back and work work work. I'm going to pull out my trusty new highlighter and go back over the sections of The Arabian Nights I already read, marking relevant stuff. Then I'll go on. Roshani will be here to study with me in the afternoon -- that may be helpful or it may be distracting. It's always a little hard to tell. Tonight, another dance class, if I don't wimp out. Tuesday's it's beginning modern, which a) is totally new to me (I've done a fair number of jazz classes before), and b) has a tougher instructor. We'll see how the day goes.

Tomorrow I pay bills, clean the house, and then go to California for Arthur's wedding. Yay!

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