Afternoon, munchkins. …

Afternoon, munchkins. So, I actually got some writing done today. Duncan called me up and said could I please quick put some more sex into the piece they have of mine, 'cause they really want to try to sell the book and they think it needs just a little more sex up front to hook the publishers. So I said okay. So I did that. And sent it to him to read, and I suspect he'll say good so far, but more more please. And if he does, I'll say okay, 'cause I really want to sell this book. It'll be a piece of fluff, but if they sell it, it'll pay enough that I'll be clear of all immediate debt (i.e. not student loans) by December, I think. Which would be such an amazing relief I can't tell you. We'll see.

In other news, nice dinner party last night. I like Lisette's family. Today, Roshani's here, and we're planning on both spending the day working. Good way to spend the day. Shmuel's arriving around 10-ish. Might run out and return some shirts in the late afternoon, but otherwise, will be here. I'm probably going to start reading soon -- I think Naomi Kritzer, but maybe Kim Stanley Robinson. We'll see.

I'm going with the flow. I'm easy. It's a nice way to spend the day. :-)

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