Huh. Didn’t update…

Huh. Didn't update yesterday. Wonder how that happened.

Not really in a mood to chat, but brief rundown -- yesterday, hung out with Roshani all day while she studied for today's exam. Had lunch with her and Michael Hanneman. Read some of Arabian Nights (Haddawy translation) for exam list. Read some Barbara Hambly Dragonshadow for fun. Adore Jenny Waynest character. Came home and watched a lot of Buffy -- reruns have started again from the beginning, which I hadn't seen before. Good day.

Today, cleaned up a fair bit because friends coming to town. Cancelled lunch with Mike Schiffer and rescheduled for next Friday due to hecticness. Helping Kev with various small things in preparation for leaving. Considered running out and getting a filing cabinet, but realized in hallway that have no car, due to loaning it to friend who locked herself out of her car night before needing to drive to Michigan for conference presentation. Sent mail instead -- t-shirts and mugs for SH donors.

Now going to rest a bit and read and wait for Tasos and Lisette to call. We knew Tasos was coming -- Lisette e-mailed unexpectedly, saying she'll be in town for a week. Yippee! Hopefully they'll call soon. Want to see friends! Roshani should finish exam soon too. Maybe will go scrub bathroom before reading...

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