Hey, munchkins. Feeling…

Hey, munchkins. Feeling better today -- enough better that I may actually try to do some real work. I finished the revisions to the editorial; there's still some more to do on the fund drive, but right now I'm waiting on prize info from various people. It should be done by tonight, and all live by tomorrow. A bit late, but so it goes.

I did end up making curry last night -- lots of curry. A sinfully rich Indonesian chicken in coconut milk, accompanied by a mixed veggie thingie, cucumber-tomato raita (yogurt), and very spicy chili-onion eggs. All over rice, of course. Satisfying! I'm going to have a bit soon for brunch, and then I'm heading downtown to the Borders.

In part, this is to let Kev and David have the apartment today to work in; they can work with me here (they are right now), but it'll be easier without, I think. But mostly, it's 'cause if I stay here, I'll keep thinking about unpacking and e-mail and other such nonsense, and I just have to start my real work now. There have been enough things putting it off for long enough -- moving and unpacking and WisCon and bookshelves. No more.

It's funny to see that Susan's recently started working on her booklist too. It sounded from her entry like she had to read it all over the summer. I hope that's not actually true. I have a year to read my 120+ books; my exam will be sometime in late April, probably. I still need to buy quite a few of them; I see a visit to Hyde Park in my future. I'm sure the Co-op will have most of the theory, and I'm hoping Powell's will have some of it used.

I ought to start with the theory; that's the hardest, and it'll inform everything else. But I just can't bear it yet -- I think I'll start with the historical list instead. (The other is contemporary.) I have a few epics at the beginning of it, which I'm going to skip over for the moment, until one of my committee members gets back to me with details on which editions I should be reading. The next book after those is Dante's Vita Nuova; I liked his Purgatorio, so I think this should be fun too. Hopefully Borders will have it. If they don't, I'll either be re-reading Malory's Morte d'Arthur, or some Shakespeare -- Othello and The Tempest are both on my list. Sounds fun! Can't wait!

That theory is going to ambush me soon and beat me upside the head. But right now I'm just going to enjoy the historical reading. So there.

I'd also like to get back to writing. I'm at least a week behind on the kids' fantasy novel, and after Kate Elliot's interest especially, I'd feel like a fool for abandoning it. Not sure what happens next in it...but that's probably 'cause I haven't thought about it in a week. Must think some more.

Also in theory, I need to start working on my Sri Lankan cycle again sometime soon. But there's no rush on that; I may not even try to get started on it for a bit. I'd like to get a substantial chunk of the way into the novel, so it doesn't feel quite so much like a short story. A short short story, at that. :-)

Okie, enough talking, more working!

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