So lessee. Since I got…

So lessee. Since I got back, well, I haven't done very much. Re-read Rachel Hartman's Belondweg Blossoming, the new bound edition of part of Amy Unbounded. Wonderful stuff. Been re-reading Beagle's A Fine and Private Place off and on. Ran around with Kevin yesterday looking at furniture -- more of that today, at Workbench and IKEA. Need bookshelves!!! Tried to catch-up on e-mail...lots to go. Bought plane tickets to CA for Arthur's wedding. Bought plane tickets to the East Coast for ReaderCon and visiting folks + Alex. Wrote to ReaderCon programming committee. Just bits and bobs, really. More of that to come in the next day or two. Almost unpacked. :-)

I owe you guys all sorts of photos; soon, soon. Really.

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