Hey, munchkins. Little…

Hey, munchkins. Little break from the tv since Kevin got a call from his sister (I figure it'd not be nice to watch the end of Boston Public without him, and since he has Tivo, he doesn't have to miss it...) -- figured I'd come say hi. I haven't gotten around to taking book photos yet; I'll probably just finish them all and then put up photos of the full set in the next day or two. Soon, I promise.

We're progressing towards getting everything unpacked and such -- placed some bookshelves today, yay! I might even take some books out of boxes tomorrow... Won't be able to finish before WisCon, but hopefully not long after. A colleague of Kev's is coming to stay June 1st, and I'd really like to have the place looking civilized by then. Not that the colleague will care one way or another (mathematicians!), but I'll care. :-)

Hmm...not much else to report, really. Finished the Due article, of course -- it's up on the new issue of SH, along with a charming little Ray Vukcevich story and a bunch of other good stuff. Now you can go see what I've been fretting about the last two days, and imagine how good it could have been if I'd actually started it a week or two ago instead. I don't know why I even bother telling my students to do their first drafts early; lord knows I never do.

Tomorrow lots more art stuff, plus hopefully taking the SH poster to Kinko's (Zak is working hard on it, even as we speak) for duplication. Hope it comes out decently -- he'll do what he can, but some of the artists just don't have high resolution versions of their images available at this point. Sigh. Cross your fingers for us, okay?

Also started ramping up plans for the next SH fund drive -- it's almost June, and if we're going to be semi-annual...well, that means June. A bit crazy coordinating it now, given WisCon shortly, but if I can get my editorial written before the con, then there shouldn't be so much to do afterwards.

Okie, Kev still chatting to his sister. Maybe I go open a book box. What fun! (No, really...it's been driving me a little crazy not having access to my books...)

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