Ooh, groggy. We ended…

Ooh, groggy. We ended up having company yesterday; one of Kevin's colleagues stopped by. We went out for drinks, them came back for dinner; he's vegetarian, so cauliflower curry, potato curry, green bean/carrot curry, over rose-saffron rice. It was fine, but could've used a coconut sambol for contrast, or a cabbage mallung, and maybe some papadum. Need to get up to the Indian neighborhood and buy some basic supplies sometime soon.

Afterwards, we watched Enterprise, but I was so tired from all the unpacking that I fell asleep halfway through. I'll have to watch it properly tonight. Not right now, because in a few minutes I have to run off to Oak Park to do some emergency baby-sitting for Roshani; her regular baby-sitter is out sick. I get to go play with Zoe, woohoo! (Of course, I'd rather work for the morning and go play with her in the afternoon, but that is sadly not how it works.) When I get back, I have to buckle down and do computer work. (I'm going to take my computer with me, but the chances of working around Zoe are probably very slim.) Too much unpacking, not enough other working. Fred Bush is starting to get very anxious about that Tananarive Due article I promised him that's going up on Monday. I suppose I'm a little anxious too, although if all else fails, I can cannibalize the stuff I wrote for Bleiler. But really, I want to make more of an argument than that. We'll see. At least I'm down to book boxes and office boxes; that's not bad. I still need to put away some of the kitchen things currently sitting on the counter, but basically, the rest of the apartment is done. And it mostly even fits. :-)

Okay, must scoot. Have a good day, munchkins!

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